Terms of Agreement

Terms of Agreement

Terms of Service (ToS) will be subject to change and updates, including commission prices when needed.

Payment Method: Paypal

The artist retains the right to use the art for future commission sample display and or portfolio. The client is free to edit the image for website usage, and social media platforms. Personal or non-commercial use only. The final digital image will be delivered through dropbox and or Google link.

The drawing process does not start until the client's rough description of what they would like drawn is laid out, and the invoice is paid in full, upfront.

In order to capture what you're looking for in the piece and lay down its foundation, significant edits or changes are highly encouraged during the sketch phase. The earlier you see the idea of what you're looking for, the better! I do my best work when I know you have confidence in the edited rough sketch phase!

There can be up to 5 significant changes to the pose or significant elements during the rough sketch phase. More may be requested, but there may be additional charges to account for the extended time spent on the piece.

(Examples: Changing the pose, requesting a different outfit, changing the species, etc.) No edits/changes can be made after the sketch phase unless the request is a very minor detail.

The client can request to be kept anonymous. Clients can request their finished artwork's online posting be postponed, or not be posted for reasons such as time sensitivity due to an upcoming event, or any personal reason.

The artist reserves the right to cancel a commission at any time for any reason. If such an event was to occur, commission price will be refunded

Minting any commissioned artwork as an NFT or similar format is not permitted.

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